The Interpreter

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Lokaj (Butler), Na pełnym morzu (On the open seas), by Sławomir Mrożek

Lokaj (Butler), Na pełnym morzu (On the open seas), by Sławomir Mrożek

Rabbi at Bergen-Belsen

Listonosz (Mailman), Na pełnym morzu (On the open seas), by Sławomir Mrożek

Janitor/Assassin at Park Plaza Hotel, Boston, Fuze Salesforce Training


Peter Stockman, An Enemy of the People, Henrik Ibsen, at Tom Todorov Academy, NY, NY

A disciple comes to a philosophy school looking for an answer to the question: “What quality is the most important one for an ancient Greek?” Two resident philosophers compete in scaring him, describing tortures they’ll subject him to for his impudence. The would-be student flees in terror. Philosophers lament the lack of payment and the stupidity of the visitor who did not grasp that the answer is “imagination.” (in Russian)

The priest has to sacrifice a virgin. She claims to have been raped by the faun. He is compelled to substitute his wife, a certified virgin. She plans to get deflowered by the faun. The faun hears about the conspiracy, and after a passionate diatribe flees from Greece. (in Russian)

Play in a Day Festival, Hovey Players

How Sofya Somin entered the history of BDT (Bolshoi Drama Theater)

A book by Raisa Benyash (Раиса Беньяш), 1967

Main entrance to the theater before the performance.

Sofya is the one on the right.

Some other historic figures: Lebedev and Smoktunovsky at a rehearsal of “The Idiot”


Vitebsk on the Charles, a Belarusian theater at Harvard in 2005

Iconic Performances

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Punch and Judy, Llandudno, Wales