Working in the field(s)

A fertile field was wide open to young scientists (and scientistesses)

Research achievements proceeded apace

Yes they (the achievements) did!

The paper chase was on…

(Arthur Hailey’s “Airport” had just been translated, so our air traffic control field was hot)

So did the junkets called “Young Scientists Conferences”

The famous Rostov Kremlin. “Czar Ivan Vasilievich [the Terrible]” from the funny movie ran around its battlements. Komsomol Central Committee and the Ministry of Culture vied for control of this chic bacchanal spot.

The hunt for rare books was also on

This man, Vladimir Saychivko, a church warden (the rarest of jobs in those days) in a church on the edge of Rostov Veliky, had a stack of bibles (an even rarer beast) to be had for 30 rubles a piece, a quarter of our monthly wage. We had to have them.

Church warden Vladimir had a stack of bibles

Blessed by Patriarch Pimen (and of course, in invisible ink, by the KGB)

Many years later…

Who is missing in this department group picture? I am.

( “Some are no more, and others far away”)