Erdős - Bacon number

Paul Erdős (1913 - 1996)
Kevin Bacon (1958 - )

My Erdős - Bacon number is 5
It is the sum of an Erdős number and a Bacon number

Erdős Number

Erdős number is the distance in math or math related sciences paper coathorship from the prominent and prolific Hungarian mathematician Paul Erdős, who had more than 500 co-authors. Those direct co-authors have an Erdős number of 1. See here for more detail.

My Erdős number is 3, based on my co-authorship with Ethan Bolker, then chair of the math department of UMass Boston

Ethan’s number 2 derives from his paper with Patrick O’Neil according to Oakland University Erdos Number Project (see here).

Note that all Fields Medal winners, not surprisingly, have a finite Erdős number. Their median number is 3, while their average number is 3.36. For Nobel Prize winners with finite Erdős numbers those statistics are 4 and above for economics and 5 and above for other fields. Enrico Fermi, Richard Feynman and Milton Friedman had an Erdős number of 3.

Bacon Number

Bacon number, aka Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, is the distance in film steps, in which an actor appeared, from Kevin Bacon. Being in a film with Bacon gives you Bacon Number 1. See here for more detail.

My Bacon number is, sadly, not 1 but 2, even though Bacon appeared in several Boston films. This, however, was mostly before my acting time. Out of many Bacon 1 actors, with whom I appeared, I am showing here Bill Murray.

Bill Murray acted with Bacon in a number of films. Here is an example from The Oracle of Bacon

Erdős - Bacon Number

Some of the people with low Erdős–Bacon numbers are listed here. Few have numbers 5 or smaller. Some celebrity examples: Richard Feynman and Stephen Hawking have number 6, while Natalie Portman has number 7. Volatile Elon Musk has 6. So does non-volatile Bill Gates. Only Sergey Brin was able to match my number 5.