CMG stands for Cosmopolitan

It really stands for Computer Measurement Group, an international society of computer performance experts.

Its “Nobel Prize” is A. A. Michelson Award, named after Albert Abraham Michelson, who measured the speed of light, the size of stars and other cute things.


CMG “Nobel Prize” winner Adrian Cockroft credits me (above) for inspiring him to join CMG. In fact, while working together with him on a standards committee I was more interested in figuring out the word for “banana” in various languages, something Adrian kindly indulged me on, but did not find of great utility.

Best in Show
Papers and bling

Hobby Bling

Taos Ski Valley, 1999

Silver medal on a slalom trail, timeset by Debbie Armstrong, 1984 Olympic giant slalom champion.

French Immersion Camp, Université Sainte-Anne, Pointe-de-l’Église, NS, 2001

“Prix d’honneur” – Honor Prize. Most valuable member of the group award.

Nerd Errant

The fun part of being with CMG was traveling to parts remote and preaching in remote tongues.


A tale of two horses

This Leonardo da Vinci horse is really big!

Dolce vita in Oltrepo Pavese


It’s “Workload”, not “Arbeitsladen” in German 🙂

Banqueting with colleagues 

Cultural program in Palais Lobkowitz, the site of the first performance of the Eroica symphony

Hotel Mozart, the dump we stayed in 25 years earlier


Szanovni Państwo!

Chciałbym bardzo podzękować CMG Poland za zaproszenie mnie do Warszawy na conferencję. Wiele lat temu, kiedy byłem studentem, chciałem przyjehać do Polski, ale władze radziecke ne pozwolili mnie  przyjechać. Teraz nareszcie mam okaziję być w Polsce. Jest mi bardzo miłо zwiedzić Warszawę i państwo poznać .

Dzękuję bardzo szanovni państwo!

* I tricked the hosts doing my introduction in Polish rather than in “American” as they originally requested 🙂 

Computer store

The Russian Embassy, days after the fall of the Evil Empire was proclaimed “the greatest catastrophe of the 20th century”.

Las Vegas

They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…

…not if The NYT catches the drift of it!