Gori, gori, moya zvezda

Vladimir Chuyevsky
(Music by Pyotr Bulakhov)

Гори, гори, моя звезда!

Гори, гори, моя звезда,

Звезда любви приветная.

Ты у меня одна заветная,

Другой не будет никогда.


Звезда любви, звезда волшебная

Звезда моих минувших дней.

Ты будешь вечно неизменная

В душе измученной моей.


Лучей твоих неясной силою

Вся жизнь моя озарена.

Умру ли я – ты над могилою

Гори, сияй, моя звезда!

Oh shine for me, my graceful star!

Oh shine for me, my graceful star,

My star of love, so gentle and bright.

You are my only guiding light

Forever worshipped from afar.


My lovely star, your light beguiling

Brings back my dreams of blissful days,

Of days bygone, yet still abiding

In my sad soul warmed by your rays.


Illuminated by your power

My life recovers from a scar.

But when I meet my final hour,

Keep shining bright, my lovely star!

Once, in a music tent at a farmers’ market, a guitar player was playing this tune by Pyotr Bulakhov (1847), having no idea that it was a “romance,” much less what the lyrics were about. I talked to him and then was moved to translate it. There are several versions of the Russian text. I am using the one by Polish singer Anna German. She dedicated her interpretation to her father, who was executed under Stalin. That’s why the music starts with a drumroll, as if presaging a firing squad.

Anna German sings "Shine my star!"