From The Limitless Tango

Yuliy Kim

Из Безразмерного танго

В понедельник безоблачно-ясно,
А во вторник — чудовищный град.
В среду снова погода прекрасна,
А в четверг целый день снегопад.
Сухо в пятницу, влажно в субботу,
В воскресенье — неслыханный смерч!
Вам подобный контраст
Слишком кажется част,
А для нас он обычная вещь.

From The Limitless Tango

Monday was clear, cloudless and blissful,
Tuesday hit monstrous, bone-breaking hail.
Wednesday weather was not at all dismal,
But on Thursday snow fell the whole day.
Friday – dry, yet on Saturday – soaking,
And on Sunday – Tornadogeddon!
You would think this contrast
Should leave people aghast,
But in fact, we quite nicely get on.

A Bards Songbook, 1967

Autographs of Kim, Kukin and Gorodnitsky

Flying to Korea over Anapka

City names in Korean are Magadan and Sapporo. The plane is over Anapka.

One of Kim’s first mass media appearances. He sings about Anapka, a place in Kamchatka.

In 1965, Leningrad Theater Institute included Kim’s “Whale” song in its legendary production “The Visible Song” by an acting class led by the legendary Georgiy Tovstonogov.