Isabella Andreini Padovana, Comica Gelosa
(1562 - 1604)

Il mio vago homicida

Al ferir pronto, ed al sanarmi tardo

Dopo il sospir vano.

Un desir, un vaneggiar insano

Più che mai bello volge à me lo sguardo:

Poi come lampo fugge.

Così gli occhi m’abbaglia, e’l cor mi strugge.

My dear lover and assassin,

Who’s quick to hurt and slow to cure,

After deep sighs, escaped in vain,

Desires’ delirium insane,

Turns to me his face, radiant and pure:

Then in a flash he disappears 

Leaving my eyes bedazzled, my heart in tears.

Isabella Andreini
RIME, 1601

"Isabella Unmasked", a performance by Chiara Durazzini

After seeing “Isabella Unmasked”, a performance by a maestra of the Commedia dell’Arte Chiara Durazzini, dedicated to Isabella Andreini, I got familiar with this truly renaissance woman, a contemporary of Shakespeare, a theater innovator and a poet. I found a facsimile of her grand opus on the internet. and the result is this page.