Six Degrees of Separation

      Maestro Salieri, experienced tutor,

      Can teach composition to lumber and pewter.

      But Ferenc, young pupil is some other matter:

      He toys with adagio and allegretto.


      Franz Liszt lives in Paris, like Gott lived in Frankreich,

      Bohemian friends with Georges, Frederic and Heinrich.

      Yet when his concerti are zapped by the tone-deaf,

      He sends manuscripts to his good buddy Joseph.


      Joseph Joachim, violin virtuoso,

      Is friendly with Brahms, whom he plays in large doses.

      Some students, however, have bees in their bonnets,

      Like Herr Auer whose plan is quite erroneous.


      He leaves for wild Russland to start school of fiddling

      Trains Elman and Heifetz and every little yiddling.

      One boy from the shtetl who fails to get famous

      Goes, too, into teaching, completely anonymous.


      His whole contribution would have gone to poison

      Should he not have nurtured one Nahum B. Wolfson.

      My violin don was a jolly good fellow

      And with truly yours his approach was quite mellow.


      At “Symphony Hall” of the town of Bedford

      My first violin did not sound too dreadful.  

*  My nine degrees of separation from Giuseppe Tartini are explained in Tartini and I