Boston vs. St. Petersburg

Comparison chart

Comparing Boston to St. Petersburg, I found quite a few categories in which they are similar, because of their history and geography. To be sure, there are of course also significant differences. This chart was created a number of years ago, when what was presumably the recovering successor of the Evil Empire, had not yet become Evil Empire II, if anything, even more evil than EE I. When considering the greatest villains associated with these two cities, the Boston Strangler pales into microscopic insignificance compared to the reincarnation of Hitler hailing from what was then Leningrad (for an added insult, he grew up at the same time and in the same neighborhood, as I, though while I trained in the neighborhood park with my school’s track and field team, he would come there for street fights with other hoodlums, something he continued throughout his subsequent career). The categories in my chart are generally more benign than that.




St. Petersburg


Verdi Opera

Un Ballo in Maschera (set in Boston)

La Forza del Destino (composed in SPb)



Massachusetts Bay

Gulf of Finland


Wide river

The Charles

The  Neva


Cradle of revolution

Lexington and Concord (Cradle of the American Revolution)

Razliv/Obuhovskaya Oborona (Cradle of the October Revolution)



Boston Massacre

Bloody Sunday


Big revolutionary battle

Bunker Hill

Winter Palace



Pilgrims from Holland

Peter the Great from Holland


Famous hall/orchestra

Boston Symphony

SPb Philharmonic


Shared conductor

Serge Koussevitzky

Serge Koussevitzky



NE corner of the country (on the Atlantic)

NW corner of the country (on the Atlantic)


Europe relation

Most European city

Window to Europe



Intelligentsia center

Intelligentsia center



Maritime center – birthplace of the navy

Maritime center – birthplace of the navy


Seaside resort strip

Cape Cod

Karelian Isthmus



Maine granite

Finnish granite



Swamp in the river delta; pilings

Swamp in the river delta; pilings


Named after a saint

St. Botolph

St. Peter


Metropolitan population

4.9 million 

5.3 million


Hellenic nickname

Athens of America

Palmyra of the North


Seat of nobility

Boston Brahmins

Imperial Court


Revolutionary ship

Tea Party Ship

Cruiser Aurora (shot at the Winter Palace)


Bigger rival

New York




Commonwealth (modeled after SPb – see Boston Globe)



Monument to famous avians


Chizhik-pyzhik (siskin)