Russian Bride - movie poster

Other roles

Baltimore Businessman (1861), Assassin Nation 

Evil scientist, Reflections

Early Mormon, The Witnesses

TFMRLY (The Fastest Most Romantic Love Yet)

Arrogant Baby Boomer

GM Board Member, The Cars That Made America

Nuclear Family, Bright Horizons Commercial

An Emerson College project

A shoot at Rhodywood

Larisa, Russian Party, Harvard Student Cartoon Animation

Larisa, Russian Party, Harvard Student Cartoon Animation

My highest IMDb rank (out of 10 million film actors)

The Folklorist: The Great Brant Rock Fire

The fun game I play each week is checking who is the highest ranked Yefim on IMDb. My competition: Yefim Kopelyan and Shtepsel (Yefim Berezin). I am usually ahead 70% of the time, Kopelyan – 25%, and Berezin – 5% (though lately he is ahead a little more often thanks to the heightened interest in Ukraine). Granted, I have an advantage over them of still being alive. On the other hand, I have not been People’s Artist of the USSR (Kopelyan) or People’s Artist of Ukraine (Berezin) as well as an iconic stage and screen celebrity (both of them). 

Crazy disco goers, Higher Methods

Hollywood Party, Higher Methods

Shawshank Prison janitor