Fake subtitles

A language column of a major newspaper has weekly fun challenges for readers about inventing new words, witty expressions and the like. The latest challenge was to come up with subtitles for known books, which would subvert the actual topic of the book. People proposed alternative interpretations of the titles of Shakespearean plays, contemporary classics, etc. I also sent three entries. One of them was included among the featured responses and was described as “thoroughly creepy”:
A Farewell to Arms, A Practical Guide to Amputation Surgery
However, my favorite one was not selected, possibly because the columnist considered it a bit too hot to handle:
Moby-Dick, Mafia as a Phallocentric Organization
My third entry was, admittedly, less edgy and more obscure for the western reader, but here it is:
Master and Margarita, One cobbler’s ruinous addiction to expensive drinks