Shanghai COVID ward

I decided to find out what this red sign in a Shanghai covid ward says (the small green one says “chu kou” – exit). While I knew some characters, I had to hand draw the rest in my dictionary. The rough meaning of the visible part (永远跟党走 奋进新征程) is: “Always follow the party (CPC of …

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Aquariums and sharks

I wonder if there were sharks among the fish spilled out from that burst hotel aquarium in Berlin. Probably not, as that would have likely been reported. On the other hand, EPCOT’s Coral Reef restaurant surrounds a multistory aquarium with sharks (I hope it will stay safe and sound). It was possible to scuba-dive with …

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Fake subtitles

A language column of a major newspaper has weekly fun challenges for readers about inventing new words, witty expressions and the like. The latest challenge was to come up with subtitles for known books, which would subvert the actual topic of the book. People proposed alternative interpretations of the titles of Shakespearean plays, contemporary classics, …

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  On November 23, 2022, RIP Frederick Brooks, father of IBM’s System/360. In an interview ten years ago he mentioned a lot of major computer history events, major people he crossed paths with (Gene Amdahl, Gordon Bell, the Steves – Jobs and Wozniack, Grace Hopper), languages (including ALGOL and such forgotten rarities as PL/I), etc. …

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Two pictures

Escher Guanacaste  

Nigerian goat

Hello It’s a goat Bye