Aquariums and sharks

I wonder if there were sharks among the fish spilled out from that burst hotel aquarium in Berlin. Probably not, as that would have likely been reported. On the other hand, EPCOT’s Coral Reef restaurant surrounds a multistory aquarium with sharks (I hope it will stay safe and sound). It was possible to scuba-dive with those sharks 20 years ago and apparently still is now. But the main thrill was not the sharks, who I suspect were well fed. It was kids sitting at the table, suddenly noticing you and surely screaming (silently through the thick glass and water): “Look, Mom, a person!” To which you could only wave your hand.

P.S. In the latest shark news, Steven Spielberg regrets that, as he believes, his iconic film “Jaws” was unfairly maligning sharks and has influenced human induced contraction in sharks population (though some experts don’t believe it played a role). My experience with the very tame EPCOT sharks argues against demonizing them, but then Disney World is a world apart.